International Symposium on
the Recent Progress of
Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Ray Observation

Nagoya, JAPAN
Dec.10-12, 2010

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- 2010/09/24(Fri) :
An announcement of the symposium on "The Recent Progress of Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Ray Observation"

A symposium is planned to review recent progresses in the observation of Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Rays (UHECRs). It will be held for Dec.10th-12th, 2010 in Nagoya, Japan.
Unprecedented amount of UHECR samples is being accumulated by the new generation experiments; Pierre Auger Observatory in Argentina and Telescope Array in Utah, USA. Not only the volume but the quality of data from these experiments is superior thanks to the hybrid observation adopting multiple measurement methods, and by using precision calibrations available from the particle accelerators such as the LHCf, AirFly, FLASH, ELS@TA and others. In the symposium, we review existing and emerging UHECR data on the energy spectrum, particle composition and the anisotropy, and discuss its implications to the physics of UHECRs.
Using data from these experiments, the time to identify the birth place of UHECRs and to unravel its generation mechanism may be approaching. The symposium will be a good occasion to review potential sources of UHECRs with the data from new all-sky surveyors of high energy phenomena in the universe, i.e. the Fermi, MAXI, IceCube and others. Experimentalists and theorists actively working in this field are solicited to join in the symposium for this purpose. We plan to discuss future projects of the UHECR as well.
The symposium will take place in the Nagoya Congress Center. The deadline of the abstract submission for oral and poster contributions is October 15th(Fri). Please consult the symposium web site for details. ( )
We look forward to seeing you soon in Nagoya.
*** International Advisory Committee *** V.Berezinsky, J.Bluemer, T.Ebisuzaki, R.Engel, M.Fukushima (secretary), F.Halzen, Y.Itow, P.Lipari, K.Makishima, P.Privitera, K.Sato, P.Sokolsky, F.Takahara
*** Local Organizing Committee *** M.Fukushima, Y.Kawasaki, S.Ogio, H.Sagawa (chairman), T.Sako, M.Takeda, T.Terasawa, Y.Tsunesada, T.Yamamoto
* For inquiry, please contact the LOC by Email ( ).